Friday, 11 March 2011

..choco cake bites..

I've made 100pcs of cake ball for makan-makan session. Ordered by a good fren of mine, Maz. She lives in KL but occasionally come back to Kuantan, since her Parents in law stayed there.

She wanted something different. And fun! So I came out with this idea and she loves it. She smsed me that her in laws loved the bites..especially the kids and were finished in no time. And she said it was not that sweet. Thank you larling. It was my pleasure..

p/s: choco cake ball is a mix of choco cake+strawberry jam+cooking chocolate+1000 sugar beads+ chocolate rice. RM0.40/pc.

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Miss Moon said...

fara choc ball nih fav akuk tau . Aku kalau ke Kings Confectionery misti beli ...without fail ...

nanti ajar la aku cam na nak wat bg memenuhi temoloks kuwwwwwwww

adzra bakes said...

moon: no hal.. nnt aku turun KL menuntut ilmu ngan ila.. ko turun sekali k.. aku ajar ko.. senang bangat nih.. tak pun.. memalam aku online.. kita conf ker? huyo.. vc tuh.. hehehhe

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