Tuesday, 15 March 2011

..Vanilla Muffin..

Ordered by Ana from SK Jambu Rias, Karak for her wedding hantaran. She ordered 12 vanilla muffins.

Ada cerita bila buat muffin ni. All this while I've baking this muffin hundreds of them.. It turn out well. Tetiba malam nak buat muffin nih, the result didn't came out well. Merekah la.. keluar dari liner la.. Ya Allah..Tuhan jerlah yang tahu. I've tried 3 batches of bater, and it turn out bad. The taste takder effect. But rupa? Sangatlah tak cantik.

Alhamdulillah..after 15 eggs..3 stick of butter..I finally get it right by using another recipe. Thank god..:)

p/s: Vanila muffin starts from RM1.00. This muffin since it meant for hantaran..I've made it using solo cup. ;)

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